5 Ways To Prepare For Your Denver Classic Children’s Portrait Session

Let’s get you ready for your child’s personality portrait!

Here’s the top 5 ways to prepare:

1. Select clothing that is a light neutral color with minimal to no pattern.

This is a must as it changes the outcome of the portraits. Light + neutral colors let the eyes focus faces first and ensure our eyes aren’t distracted. For boys a cream, light grey, white or light blue henley, waffle texture or cotton shirt work great. Girls can have a little more leway with a dress or overalls. If you want a floral pattern make sure its small. Again, avoid primary colors and bold patterns.

2. Make sure the session time lands in between nap schedule.

This one may seem obvious but still important to note. We want to set up your kiddos with the best opportunity to capture their true and happy personalities.

3. Feed them a hearty breakfast/snack before the session.

Equally important is a good meal! Few things are harder to recover from than a hangry kiddo :-). A high protein meal or snack will help make sure they stay content through the session. If you feed them a snack before avoid anything sticky or colored that could stain their face or clothing.

4. Talk to them about the session so they know what to expect!

If this is our first time working together let them know that we’re going to have so much fun with Mrs. Maegan! I send a thorough questionnaire for me to get to know your little ones well before the session to help me connect with them and ensure they have fun with our time together!

Additionally, a parents demeanor heading into and durning the session can be the greatest element for a positive experience and the best portraits. Try not to stress, have fun and that will rub off on your kids.

5. Reward their good behavior with a treat or special outing after the session.

Make this a tradition or celebration. The more positive we can be the more they will enjoy coming back and looking forward to future sessions!

I hope this helps you feel ready for your session! As always reach out with any questions.

Interested in booking a children’s portrait? Reach out here!

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