What To Wear To Your Family Photography Session {Denver, Co}

Neutral Colors

I’m all for a fun bright dress, however for your family session I suggest neutral colors with small patterns for a few reasons.

  1. They’re easy on the eye. The camera loves soft shades and neutral patterns. When you look at a photo where the family is coordinated in a neutral color pallets your focus goes to the faces FIRST. Which is what we want! To notice the people in the photos and not get distracted by big logos, primary colors or large patterns.
  2. They’re easy to coordinate. Matching is out, coordinating is in. Greys, creams, white, light tan and a pop of a soft green/pink/blue are easy to mix and match and still flow together.
  3. They’re timeless.

Fabrics With Texture

Knit cotton fabrics for babies and toddlers photograph beautifully!

Stay away from stretchy cotton dresses that have a tendancy to accentuate problem areas on women. Select something like a smocked muslin dress or a lined dress with a top sheer layer.

A nice waffle texture Henley shirt for boys and husbands is an easy go to!

Start With Mom’s Outfit First

Now that you know what colors and type of clothing to look for start with mom’s outfit first! Mommas, you know you care about these photos the most. You are also are notorious for putting your family first while also having phases when we are growing our family where we just don’t feel that cute.

So, take this opportunity to splurge on yourself. When you feel beautiful you will enjoy your session and the end photos so much more. Even take it a step further and get your hair and makeup done!

Once you have your outfit selected. Start to coordinate everyone else around you. If you have a dress with a little color pull colors from that dress for the rest of the family outfits.

Ways To Elevate Your Family Photos

  • A little extra make up than normal.
  • Instead of a cotton skirt choose a tulle skirt
  • Instead of your Apple watch wear gold bracelets
  • Instead of Nike shoes wear neutral leather or even barefoot
  • Manicured Nails
  • Jewelry- earrings, bracelets, necklaces
  • Moms wear a long flowy dress (makes your look longer/leaner)
  • Boys- add accessories- bow tie, overalls, suspenders
  • Girls- add accessories- bows, skirts, mary jane shoes, hats, flower crown
  • Husbands- wear pants (ideally khaki color or nice jeans)shorts cut the eye and are more distracting, a nice henley, button down, or waffle texture shirt. Add a blazer.

How I Can Help

I offer a select few dresses in a “client closet” for mom to wear *complimentary* during your session. I also send each client wardrobe inspirations guides with shoppable links. (by The Arte of Dressing)

Check out these samples of what those guides look like for fall, winter, summer and spring!

I’m always available and happy to assist with wardrobe styling.

Our Favorite Spots To Shop

For Mom:

  • Nothing Fits But
  • Baltic Born
  • Needle & Thread
  • Nordstrom
  • Morning Lavendar

For Dad:

  • J Crew
  • Untuckit

For Baby/Kids:

  • Rylee and Cru
  • Zara
  • Jamie Kay
  • Carter’s

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