In Home Newborn Photography Session {Denver Colorado}

Looking for inspiration for your in-home newborn photography session? These first time parents were so excited to photograph this milestone in their family at a cozy in-home session with their two dogs.

How old should your newborn be for an in-home session?

The beauty of my shooting style is it allows our timeline to be flexible. Some photographers require your baby be under 10 days for your newborn session. Why is that? If the session takes place in the first 10 your baby is likely to be much sleepier which can make it a bit easier to pose the baby for their portraits.

However, my lifestyle approach to whole family moments and baby-led posing makes it a lot easier for us to book the session when you’re ready. You may be wondering what baby led posing means. I bring a large bean bag and lots of cozy blankets with a clean white backdrop to photograph the babies. I only put them in positions that are natural to how they would normally lay. This, in our opinion, leads to more classic and timeless photographs.

There can be a lot going on with you and your baby after they are born. Every woman’s recovery is different and I want you to be able to feel present AND comfortable at your session. If you’re able to make that 10 day window, great! If not, that’s okay too. We will get beautiful photos either way.

This beautiful girl was 6 weeks old at her session!

We offer in home newborn sessions in Denver and the surrounding suburbs as well as studio sessions at our studio in Centennial. You can find more information about booking a session with us here! Or if you feel ready to move forward you can schedule a call with us here.

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