Want To Bring Your Pets To Your Colorado Family Photography Session?

One of the most popular questions I get before a session is, “can we bring our dogs to the session?” My answer, weather we’re doing a studio or outdoor session, is yes!

Coloradans especially love their dogs being in their family photos, because, well, they’re part of the family! But let me tell you, if you thought preparing for a family session with toddlers was challenging adding pets into the mix could be considered an olympic sport.

Bringing along your furry friends:

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years that can help incorporate your dogs that make adding your pup to your family session smooth and easy.

  1. Burn their energy before the session. This may seem kind of obvious but it’s still worth noting. Taking them on a hike, long run or to the dog park can help ensure they’re calmer for the session.
  2. Arrive early for your session. This gives everyone time to prepare but also lets your dog sniff and explore the area. Whether it’s a new outdoor location they’ve never been to or the studio, having time before is always great.
  3. Bring treats! If you’re really hoping for that classic shot of your dog and your kids sitting side by side using treats to get them into position or putting a treat in your toddlers hand or pocket can get the dog to pay attention and be close to the family.
  4. Swap out their collar and leash for a nice neutral leather option. Since we’re always aiming for a nice clean aesthetic with minimal distractions in your final photos, this one can be huge for the overall look of your final photographs. Bonus if you can coordinate a matching bandana with the families clothing!

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